Get the train schedule of Southern, Northern, Western, Eastern, Konkan and Central Railway using this interface:

1. Please input either full name or number of train
2. Please input the few letter of Train Name or few digits of Train Number.
For example: To get the Train Schedule of Pushpak Express (Train No. 12534) – either enter pus or 125

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Train Timing:

Benefits of knowing train schedule:

For the hassle free traveling to long distance, it is always good to go well prepared for the trip. This enables you to go safely on your vacations, for pilgrimage or any other trip. Like the checking of all you bag packs and accompaniments for the journey, it is equally important to check the schedule of the train. The schedule of the train through which you will be traveling will give you a fair idea of the time your journey would take and the route to reach you final desired destination. This will help you plan your journey accordingly. Also, it will enable you to avoid missing your train.

Checking the train schedule is very simple. All you need to do is type in the name of the train or the train number in the above text box and submit the input by clicking ‘Get Schedule’ button. You will get the complete schedule of the train with the source from where it starts, the days on which it runs, halt timings and the stations on which it halts. Also, it will give you the data of the valid classes and the number of the coaches.

In addition to this, you can also check the schedule of the train on the official website of Indian Railway. On the Indian Railway’s website, you just have to open the Train Schedule page and follow the instructions given on the page. Simply following the instructions given on that page will help you fetch your train schedule.