Train Arrival and Departure at ANGALAKUDURU (AKU)

Train No. Train Name Sch Arr. Actual Arr. Delay Arr. Sch Dep. Actual Dep. Delay Dep.
67220 GNT-TEL MEMU 14:24 14:24 RIGHT TIME 14:25 14:25 RIGHT TIME
67230 TEL-GNT MEMU 15:21 15:21 RIGHT TIME 15:22 15:22 RIGHT TIME

Trains from ANGALAKUDURU (AKU) in Next 2 Hours:

Above we have shown the list of trains which starts or passes from ANGALAKUDURU (AKU) in the next 2 hours. You will get all the required details of trains departing from ANGALAKUDURU (AKU) which includes its arrival, departure, and delay time.

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