Flight PNR Status

To check the real time booking status of your domestic and international flight follow the links below.

Get PNR Status of Domestic Airlines

Indigo PNR Status SpiceJet Airlines PNR Status
Air India PNR Status Go Air PNR Status
Jet Airways PNR Status Jet Konnect

Get PNR Status of International Airlines

Asiana Airlines British Airways
Air New Zealand American Airlines
Etihad Airways Lufthansa Airlines
Cathay Pacific Emirates Airlines
Qatar Airways Singapore Airlines
Malaysia Airlines Qantas Airlines
Virgin Atlantic Air France
Thai Airways Tiger Airways

Importance of knowing Flight PNR Status:

Traveling to long distances is no longer a worry. Thanks to our very own airlines. Many people across the world depart from one location and arrive at the other in just few hours. Be it an emergency or simply a holiday trip to another country, all you need to do is book a ticket for a suitable flight. Everything else is usually taken care by the airlines. However, you should always check that everything is in place and also, keep a track of the flight to avoid mishaps.

Methods to Check Flight PNR Status Online:

Tracking the status of the flight is very simple. When you book the tickets, you get a PNR number. Now, you must be well aware of what this PNR number does. For those who are not familiar with it, the PNR number helps you in knowing the status of your flight. However, PNR is technically an abbreviated form of Passenger Name Record. Passenger Name Record in travel industry is nothing, but an essential form of data of a passenger or a group of passengers traveling through airlines. This data is commonly stored with Computer Reservation System (CRS) or Global Distribution System (GDS) companies namely Galileo, Sabre, Amadeus and Worldspan, by the travel agencies and airlines.

Entering Passenger Name Record number in the Flight PNR Status field enables you to check your itinerary and the real time booking status of your flight. You come to know whether your ticket has been confirmed or not. For confirmation, an abbreviated form - CNF appears. Besides that, you may get 'WL' as an output. Well, WL stands for 'Wait Listed' and means that you may or may not be eligible to board the flight. Depending upon the availability of the seat, your ticket might get cancelled or get confirmed. However, mostly the ticket booking of the flight gets confirmed.

It is also to be noted that besides entering the PNR number, you may be required to provide the following details while checking your flight status:

1. Passenger's name (first name and last name)
2. Destination (departure and arrival)

Significance of Booking Reference(PNR) Number in Air Transport:

To know why these details are required, you must know the concept behind introduction of the Passenger Name Record number. Well, PNR is a concept being introduced by airlines across the world to conveniently exchange the information of the reservation with the other airlines. This mainly happens when the passengers opt for more than one airline to reach their desired destination. The Passenger Name Record number is, thus, very important. Moreover, it consists of sensitive information like the complete name of the passenger, passenger's birth date and other personal details. So, knowing the status of your flight is easy provided you know the importance of PNR number.