Earlier checking Indian Railway or IRCTC PNR Status was quite tough task to do. Now only your PNR Number and a single mouse click is needed. To do this, just enter your PNR Number in the container beneath and press the Get PNR Status button.

For now get the status of your train ticket on: indianrail.gov.in

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What is PNR Number?

PNR is a one kind of ten digit code that is allotted to the every single passenger or group of passengers when they reserve ticket either online or manually from the ticket counters at the station. PNR Number or Passenger Name Record is very essential for the traveler to have as it contains the complete information of the concerned train/person. You’ll find this number printed within colored background on the top left corner of your ticket. One can examine ongoing status of their railway reservation with the help of pnr no. assigned to him. This special number is quite useful even if you misplace the ticket. So, it is better to write it down on a piece of paper or dairy to avoid any problems while traveling. In case you lose your ticket, on showing the PNR number to T.C. (Ticket Collector) you will get the permission to aboard the train only if it matches with the pnr record present in the railway chart.

Methods to Check PNR Status:

There are several ways through which you can check PNR Status of your reserved ticket within a fraction of seconds. Below, I am going to illustrate few best suited methods that you can use for examining reservation status of your Yatra, Rail, and IRCTC ticket.

Get PNR Status Online:

As far as I have seen, online method is simplest of all the methods. All you need to do is, enter your allotted ticket PNR Number in the box given at the top of this web page and press the “Get PNR Status” button. The moment you press the button, your current booking status will appear on the screen of your corresponding device. Passengers from several zones whether it’s Southern, Northern, And Central or any other Railway zone can get to know the current status of their reservations using this instinctive interface.


Whether you have noticed or not but I did that the texting is progressively turning into a cheap and dependable medium of communication. Within my friend circle, I know few who prefer to talk via SMS rather than calling. Due to considerably rise in the use of SMS, the Indian railways decided to provide the convenience of PNR enquiry via text messaging. To enjoy the service, simply make use of your cell phone to know the ongoing status of your ticket by sending a simple text message.

Following are four numbers that you can use to send text SMS in order to know the latest update of your IRCTC PNR Status:

  • Type PNR <10 digit ticket PNR No.> and send it to 54959. For example, type PNR 8442319168 and send it to 54959.
  • Type PNR <10 digit ticket PNR No.> and send it to 139.
  • Type PNR <10 digit ticket PNR No.> and send it to 5676747.
  • Type PNR <10 digit ticket PNR No.> and send it to 57886.

PNR Enquiry through Phone call:

To know your Railway PNR Status just dial 139 from your landline or mobile phone and carefully follow the instructions given by the IVR system in order to retrieve your ticket status.

PNR Enquiry through Mobile Applications:

Nowadays, many around us would prefer to use multitasking smartphone rather than a normal handset. Do you know why, it is effective in drawing people’s attention. It just because of the fact that it has various new functionalities that a typical handset does not. You will find numerous useful applications in the market that could enhance real time experience of your smartphone. Like various other available apps, you can also find apps that let you check your ticket status from your device only. These apps are available for your Apple iOS, Android, Symbian and Windows Smartphone. You can easily find these apps on Apple iTunes, Google Play, and Windows Phone Apps Store.

PNR Enquiry on Railway Station:

If you are not tech savvy or don’t find it reliable to know your ticket status using the above methods, then you can go to your nearby railway station to inquire. There you will see number of computerized machines that will help you in checking your ongoing reservation status in just a few seconds.

Indian Railways Ticket PNR Status Explained:

Examining Ticket Status has become so easy mainly due to the frequent launch of countless online portals and mobile apps but still some individuals get stuck as do not understand the many abridged term present in the train ticket. There are generous bunch of people who take out the report with the help of assigned PNR No. but fail to understand what does it’s trying to tell them. Some abbreviations are elaborated below will help you to understand the status of your rail ticket.

CAN/MOD: It appears on your screen when checking ticket status, if you or your agent has cancelled the ticket. It indicates that your ticket has been cancelled or modified. This clearly states that you can no longer travel using the same ticket.

CNF: If you get CNF as your abbreviation while checking your ticket status, then your ticket has been confirmed. You will find your seat and coach number over there too. Sometimes, the passengers are informed about couch and berth details after the preparation of the journey chart.

RAC: It stands for “Reservation against Cancellation”. On getting RAC as your ticket status, it is certain that you have been allowed to travel in your chosen class. However, you might just have to get satisfied with sitting facility and not a complete berth. If you are lucky, you might also get the berth due to last minute cancellation. Otherwise, mostly the RAC ticket holders get the opportunity to occupy only the two side chair that can be converted into berth, if required.

WL: While PNR Enquiry, you might also get WL as your ticket status. It means your seats has not been confirmed and you will have to wait for its confirmation. If some other passengers (RAC ticket holders) cancel their tickets, then you might get the seat. Railway authorities decides the number of WL tickets to be permitted to book, once it crossed the decided mark; they don’t acknowledge any further requests and responds with REGRET status.

RAC/WL: This status might look a bit confusing, but it is not. Basically, it tells us about our status at the time of ticket booking and the current status. For instance, WL50/WL45. Here, the first status (WL50) is of booking time and the second one (WL45) is the current status of your ticket.

CK: It indicates that your ticket has been reserved under tatkal scheme. According to the Indian railways rules, one can book a tatkal ticket 24 hours before the journey. You get a seat and coach number with CK as your status after your ticket gets confirmed.

CKWL: This status is simply a combination of tatkal and waiting list. Thus, it stands for tickets in waiting list under tatkal booking. The major difference between CKWL and WL is that when a ticket under tatkal waiting gets confirmed; you will be allocated confirm seat whereas general waiting moves to the RAC.

PQWL: It is an abbreviation for Pooled Quota Wailing List. It is simply one of the types of waiting list. This abbreviation appears on your screen while ticket enquiry if you have booked your ticket via railway quota.

GNWL: This abbreviation stands for ticket under general waiting list. You are not allowed to board on the train with the ticket having GNWL status; until the status turns into the CNF.

REGRET/WL: This abbreviated symbol indicates that further bookings is not permitted. It generally appears at the time of booking the tickets.