Train Number and Name

Indian railway has a vast & dense network of trains across the country. It is the cheapest mode of transport with the availability of different classes. But booking tickets for the trains can be a bit complicated task. One of the fractious things which involves in booking ticket is the Train Name. People think knowing about train name their destination is enough to book ticket easily. But that's not the case, sometimes trains with the same name leave from two different stations.

For example: Sinhagad Express (Pune-Mumbai-10010) departs from Pune at 6:05 am & on the same day Sinhagad Express (Mumbai-Pune-10009) departs from Mumbai at 2:30 pm. Here name of both the train is same, only their number is different. So, having knowledge about train number is equally important as its name. It avoids the chaos while booking the ticket.

How to get Train Number and Name?

Follow the steps below to know about how to find out train number of your desired train name:

1. In the above box, enter 'train number'.
2. Hit on the 'Go' button.

Train number of the respective train will get displayed on your screen. Along with it, details about different classes available also gets displayed.