Railway Station Code

Indian Railway is one of the largest transport networks in the world. Thus, it becomes difficult to identify stations only by their names. One of the reasons is that a location, city or a village could also have more than one railway stations. Therefore, Indian Railway has given a unique code to all the stations spread across India to easily identify the exact location.

The station codes are normally abbreviations derived from the name of the city or village. These abbreviated codes are necessary while you're searching for the train between two stations or booking ticket from IRCTC or Indian Railway, where you need to provide station codes. The station codes eradicate the possibility of confusion while booking the tickets. For instance - the similar sounding names like Muzaffarpur and Muzaffarnagar can create confusion while booking the tickets, if not heard properly and attentively. Thus, the railway station codes help you to book the right ticket.

How to find Railway Station Code and Name?

If you want to book ticket or search for the train between two stations or want to know seat availability on Indian Railway or IRCTC official site then you should know the station code of the location you want to go and the location from where you would be going. In short, it is essential to know the codes of source station and destination station.

Well, finding the railway station codes is simple. You can either look for them now by filling up full station name (Lucknow) in the boxes given above or you can look for them on the official site of Indian Railway.

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