China Southern Airline is headquartered at Guangzhou. The airline is a member of the Sky Team. The airline is directly affiliated with China Southern Air holding company thereby specializing itself in air transportation services. In China this is the largest airline and has the largest fleet.

Their network is spread through 35 locations across the world. In the year 2012, this airline was ranked first in Asia fifth among the 240 airlines in IATA. This airline has a huge network route across countries of the world.

The airline is safety conscious, and safety of passengers is the utmost priority of the airline. The team here adheres to all quality standards in terms of fleet management.  In September 2012 the airline was awarded with Diamond flight safety award by Civil Aviation Administration of China for maintaining highest safety records in China.

Most of the international media firms have awarded this airline as the “Best Airline Carrier”, it was awarded the “Five Star Diamond Award’ by the American Academy of hospitality. The airline has been receiving awards from renowned organizations for its great airline service in the air transport industry.

The airline being the best carrier in Asia gives great emphasis to corporate social responsibility; thereby valuing the society, giving its shareholders value and ensuring care towards the environment.

China Southern Airline PNR Enquiry:

The flight booking status of the China Southern Airline can be checked by the travellers by looking for it online or through toll free numbers.

Check China Southern Airline PNR Status Online:

1. Go to the China Southern Airline official pnr enquiry page.

check1 Check China Southern Airline Flight Status

2. There you will be asked to enter your China Southern Airline user name and password.
3. After filling the detail hit the “login” button.
4. Once login to your account, in the manage booking section you will find your booking status information.

PNR Enquiry through toll free number:

Some of the toll free numbers are illustrated below through which China Southern Airline passengers can get to know their current PNR Status.

Country Phone Number
Domestic hotline 4006695539-2-1
Overseas hotline +86-20-4006695539-2-1