Headquartered in Mumbai, GoAir is estimated to operate 102 flights daily and 710 flights weekly. It operates in 21 cities across the country. Its fleet consists of A320-200 aircraft. It is the first Indian Airline painted with varieties of colours such as navy blue, sky blue, pink, saffron, green, orange, brown and grey.

Founded by Jehangir Wadia in 2005, GoAir flights do not consist of first class or business class as it is a no-frills airline. GoAir is well-known for its GoBusiness premium service, wherein the passengers get seat in the first three rows of the aircraft and the middle seat remains empty. Also, the passenger availing GoBusiness service also gets free meals and increased luggage allowance. However, the passengers have to pay higher fare for GoBusiness service.

The growth of GoAir airline has been slow as compared to other airlines in the country. Despite being low cost airline, it is the only airline to offer a program named GoClub for frequent flyers. GoAir provides its passengers with buying in-flight meal program. It also has Cafe Coffee Day facility. It offers sandwiches, parathas, cookies, nuts, mineral water, soft drinks and other beverages.

GoAir Airlines PNR Status

You can get the flight status of GoAir airlines either via web or by calling at customer enquiry number.

Check PNR Status Online

GoAir airline offers online services to check the flight status. So, you can easily check the PNR status of the GoAir flight. All you are required to do is browse through official website of GOAir and open the PNR status form page. You have to fill your first and the last name along with the PNR number in the form and submit it. You will come to know your flight status.

In addition to this, you can also check the PNR status of GoAir flight by clicking on the link given below:

check1 Check GoAir Airlines PNR status

Telephonic Enquiry of PNR Status

All the passenger of GoAir airline can dial (0) 9223 222 111.  Besides this, the BSNL and MTNL users can also dial a toll free number 1 800 222 111 to know their Flight Status on call.