Air China PNR Status

Air China Limited was an outcome of former Air China which was founded back in 1988. In October 2002, The State Department of China planned to create completely new airlines using all the old predecessors. This idea came into focus of the State Department as they were running a "Civil Aviation System Reform Program", according to this program they decided to merge three prominent Airline groups namely the former Air China, China National Aviation Company and The China Southwest Company. All these three gave birth to a totally new group namely China Aviation Group Company and Air China is the fruit yielded from the same company.

Air China Limited was officially launched on September 20th, 2004 at Beijing. With a successful approval from State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of State Council (SASAC), Air China Limited was listed in foreign stock exchanges like the Hong Kong (SEHK:0753) and London(LSE:AIRC) on December 15th, 2004.

There are some interesting facts about Air China, like its calligraphic format of Chinese name was written by China's National Leader Mar. Deng Xiaoping. They have a logo with artistic Phoenix pattern and traditional Chinese color i.e. Red. As per the Chinese tradition, red stands for auspiciousness, happiness, peace and is a symbol to serve the people with safety and purity. Air China's logo is an artistic transfiguration of the word "VIP". Isn't this interesting?

How to do Air China PNR Status Enquiry?

The flight booking status of the Air China can be checked by the travelers by looking for it online or through toll free numbers.

Check Air China PNR Status Online:

1. Go to the Air China official pnr enquiry page.

check Check Air China Flight PNR Status

2. On that page you will be asked to enter your Reservation Number, Reference No. Type and Surname that you have given when booking the Air China ticket.
3. After filling the detail hit the "retrieve booking" button.
4. Your current Air China booking status will be displayed on your computer screen.

Air China PNR Enquiry through Toll Free Number:

Some of the toll free numbers are illustrated below through which Air China passengers can get to know their current PNR Status.

Country Phone Number
China +86-10-59281588
India +91 22 61175555
Hong Kong 001/006+80086100999
Philippines 00+80086100999
Singapore 001+80086100999
Australia 00800 86 100 999
Americas +1-800-882-8122
Europe 00-800-86-100-999
Japan 800-86-100-999
Korea 001-80086-100-999
Russia 810-800-86-100-999

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