American Airlines PNR Status

Headquartered at Fort Worth in Texas, American Airlines is referred to as the main hub of aviation in U.S. This is mainly because it operates more of the regional carrier flights in United States of America. It has derived its name from its subsidiary shares as American Eagle.

It developed through a combination of 82 tiny airlines via acquisition in 1930. After moving its headquarter to Texas, it also opened three main hub in north-south traffic. Reduced fuel cost along with favorable climate to uphold the business, led American Airlines to earn higher profits in 1990s. American Airlines conglomerated partnership with British Airways and Iberia to expand its services to the transatlantic routes.

The main objective of the airline and its well educated staff is to provide a whole hearten welcome and ravishing meal service to the passengers traveling in the flight. Along with this, their objective is to offer a die-hard commitment of a secure and comfortable journey to its customers. It is said that the main essence of the airline is reliability on excellent staff experience, skills and extreme professionalism. Excellent training is imparted to the new comers on how to handle customers and offer satisfying customer care services by the airline.

The passengers wanting to travel within United States of America via a reliable airline can certainly look forward to American Airlines. The airline also offers excellent pre and post flight services. These include booking tickets and checking flight PNR status online, asking queries online and getting various service related updates from the customer care centers.

How to do American Airlines PNR Status Enquiry?

Easiest and the fastest mean of checking the flight status of the airline is via internet and the customer care centers.

Check American Airlines PNR Status Online:

It's possible for the passengers to check the PNR Status of their flight online by visiting official website of American Airlines. They will have to fill in their basic details and the PNR number on the PNR Enquiry page of the website to retrieve their ongoing status. In addition to this, they can also check their flight status by clicking on the following link.

check Check American Airlines Flight PNR Status

American Airlines PNR Enquiry through Toll Free Number:

The passengers can get the updates about the flight by dialing at the toll-free numbers. They just need to provide the basic details about them to the customer care executive along with the PNR number to get the status updates of their flight booking. Some of the toll free numbers to know the American Airline Flight PNR status are.

Country Phone Number
U.S. or Canada 1-800-433-7300
United Kingdom +44 (0)844 499 7300
Haiti 509-2229-6000
Jamaica 800-744-0006
Trinidad 868-821-6000
Puerto Rico 1-800-981-4757
Honduras 2216-4800
Dominican Republic 1-809-200-5151
Nicaragua 2255-9090
Costa Rica 2-248-9010
Panama 269-6022
All Other Locations 1-918-832-1384