Avianca Airlines PNR Status

Avianca Airlines is an American based airline having its primary headquarters in Bogota, Colombia. Avianca is the acronym for Aerovias del Continente Americano S. A. which means Airways of the American continent in Spanish language. The airline is the flag carrier of Colombia.

This airline was launched way back in the year 1919 as SCADATA; acronym for Sociedad Colombo Alemana de Transporte Aero. The airline is wholly owned by its Parent company Avianca Holdings S. A. This airline is owned by Latin American airlines. The airline is also a member of the Star Alliance group.

Their frequent flyer program is called Lifemiles thereby offering better and superior opportunities to travel across the globe. By 1921 routes between Giradot and Bogota were established. Nearly after about ten years, Avianca was formed as a result of the merger between SCADATA and SACO.

The airline then focused in modernizing its fleet with a variety of aircrafts like Jet and the Boeing aircrafts. The mid and the late 90s were important years for Avianca in terms of fleet expansion and modernization.

In 2005 the company changed its name to Avianca S.A. The concept of corporate social responsibility is very well integrated in the company's management.

How to do Avianca Airlines PNR Status Enquiry?

The flight booking status of the Avianca Airlines can be checked by the travelers by looking for it online or through toll free numbers.

Check Avianca Airlines PNR Status Online:

1. Go to the Avianca Airlines official pnr enquiry page.

check Check Avianca Airlines Flight PNR Status

2. Once reached there, you will be asked to enter your Avianca Airlines reservation number and passenger first last name.
3. After filling the detail hit the "search" button.
4. Your current Avianca Airlines booking status will be displayed on your computer screen.

Avianca Airlines PNR Enquiry through Toll Free Number:

Some of the toll free numbers are illustrated below through which Avianca Airlines passengers can get to know their current PNR Status.

Country Phone Number
Colombia 01 8000 95 34 34
Panama 800 05 55
Venezuela 0 800 284 26 22

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