93013 - BVI DRD Live Train Running Status

Station Scheduled Arr/Actual Arr Arrived Scheduled Dep/Actual Dep Departed Sch Arr Date/Act Arr Date Day Dist. Delay Status
[CCG]BMBY CHURCH GTE Source/00:00 Yes 08:56/08:56 Yes 11 Dec 2018/11 Dec 2018 1 0 0 mins late
[DRD]DAHANU ROAD 11:28/11:28 Yes Destination/00:00 No 11 Dec 2018/11 Dec 2018 1 124 0 mins late

93013 - BVI DRD Running Staus Details:

Live Train Status of 93013 - BVI DRD: This train runs between BMBY CHURCH GTE (CCG) and DAHANU ROAD (DRD). It covers total distance of 124 kilometers and arrives its destination on day 1. It departs from its source station BMBY CHURCH GTE (CCG) at 08:56 and reaches its destination DAHANU ROAD (DRD) at 11:28 on 1 day. There are 2 halts in its route.

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