SilkAir PNR Status

This airline came into existence in the year 1970. The organization was then named as Trade winds Pvt Ltd which was established in the year 1975 as the travel and tour arm of Singapore Airline. The main aim here was to market holiday packages of Singapore Airline.

By the year 1989, many more destinations were included into the carrier's network. In the year 1992, Tradewinds was renamed to Silk Air, thereby making it a fully regional subsidy from a holiday resort airline.

They have 22 aircrafts in all and their fleet includes aircrafts like A320-200 aircrafts (16 in number) and Silk Airbus A319-100 Aircraft (6 in number), thus making it a total of 22 aircrafts in all.

The airline aims at providing good friendly customer service which is relaxing to its passengers. The crew and the good food that is offered on their flights make flying through the airline a wonderful experience. Their services include:

How to do SilkAir PNR Status Enquiry?

The flight booking status of the Silk Air can be checked by the travelers by looking for it online or through toll free numbers.

Check SilkAir PNR Status Online:

1. Go to the Silk Air official pnr enquiry page.

check Check Silk Air Flight PNR Status

2. Once reached there, you will be asked to enter your Silk Air booking reference number and last/family name.
3. After filling the detail hit the "manage booking" button.
4. Your current Silk Air booking status will be displayed on your computer screen.

SilkAir PNR Enquiry through Toll Free Number:

Some of the toll free numbers are illustrated below through which Silk Air passengers can get to know their current PNR Status.

Country Phone Number
Singapore (65) 6223 8888
Cambodia 855-23) 98 8629
Myanmar (Burma) (95-1) 255 289
Indonesia (62-542) 730 800
Malaysia (60-88) 265 770
Australia +618 8927 8336
India (91-80) 6678 3261
Philippines (63-32) 239 2871
China (86-731) 8997 7861
Thailand (66-53) 904 985

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